Reconciliations case study: Control confidence for asset manager

See how one of the world's largest global alternative asset managers tackled its reconciliations problem: Watch the video case study

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Reconciliations: Complexity versus legacy

Confidence in your reconciliations and controls is vital in today's complex trading environment. The Chief Technology Officer and Head of Operations at one of the world's largest global alternative asset managers were at breaking point with their legacy reconciliation platform. Inter system reconciliation and Net Asset Value (NAV) validation were rife with problems. Trade matching rates needed to improve, but new reconciliations were too expensive, too complex, and too slow to deploy. In despair, teams had begun building controls outside of this system

30 reconciliations built in just 6 months

Clareti Transaction Control was selected for its ability to handle unstructured data with non-standard formatting. Following just eight days of implementation, the new system went live. Hands on training from Gresham empowered the team to create controls themselves and face their build schedule of over 30 reconciliations in six months without concern. Side by side testing of new controls before handing over to the business also increased confidence.

Simple controls, all in one system

Now the CTO and Head of Operations can deploy new reconciliations quickly and easily, saving time and money. They also have a system which can handle the complexity of their varied financial products. So they can operate with confidence in a complex trading world, secure in the knowledge that everything they need is all in one system.

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