FINRA OATS Reporting Case Study: Accurate, timely regulatory reporting

Regulatory reporting is a major challenge for financial institutions - FINRA OATS and CAT, EMIR, MiFID II, and MAS reporting are just some of the requirements that firms are grappling with.

The Head of Operations at a major bank needed to implement FINRA's OATS (Order Audit Trail System) reporting, but had concerns over how to ensure the accuracy and completeness of these reports. Watch the video below to discover how Clareti Control solutions solved the problem.

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FINRA OATS reporting implementation required the bank to electronically capture and report different data elements. However, reliance on a legacy reconciliation system meant that quality and control assurance was unavailable. The firm had only a small team managing their OATS reporting, making automated reconciliation software essential to reduce reliance on IT support.

Clareti transaction control, part of Gresham's Clareti Control solutions, was chosen to validate and reconcile the bank's data, guaranteeing the accuracy of its OATS reporting. With controls including reconciliation of front office and back office data against the report, completeness and consistency checks, and real-time exception management, Clareti transaction control effortlessly handled different formats and sources of data without requiring extensive, costly transformation work.

Self-service autocategorisation of breaks enabled teams to quickly and easily automate processes themselves, using the tools that they worked with on a daily basis, instead of relying on internal IT teams for support. 

Now the bank can report on time, efficiently, and with confidence, thanks to Clareti transaction control.

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