CTC Intersystems

Remove the complexity of intenal system reconciliation with CTC for Intersystems

With the pace of change in the financial industry many organisations find themselves working with a patchwork of reconciliation systems – user-developed applications built to solve short-term problems, non-audited spreadsheets, myriad solutions producing data in multiple formats.

Aside from the time-drain of dealing with a series of non-compatible processes, the lack of controls can be catastrophic, with reconciliation backlogs, financial loss and regulatory breaches very real risks.

CTC for Intersystems resolves the issues of intersystems control. Built to be deployed quickly, new reconciliations can be installed, deployed and fully operational within days, while its linear scalability allows any number of different data formats to be matched multiple times in a single load.

It removes the need for additional internal systems to manage multiple data feeds, ensuring integrity and regulatory compliance, while eradicating the potential for financial loss.

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