Clareti Loan Control

CLC – The game changer for the third party, in-house, and back office loan servicing industry.

Clareti Loan Control (CLC) is a modern front-to-back servicing platform designed specifically to meet the complex needs of today’s competitive real estate lending market. Fully integrated and highly configurable business functionality enables servicers to operate at best-in-class efficiency levels and deliver a transformative experience for borrowers, lenders and other stakeholders.

In the world of real estate loan servicing, accuracy and efficiency is everything. With complex debt arrangements comprising tranched loans, senior and mezzanine positions, CMBS and syndications with multiple lender, operating under individual covenants and schedules, the onboarding process can be slow and error prone. In a highly competitive industry, servicing debt efficiently and managing relationships with stakeholders effectively, are critical to delivering a financial margin and standing out from the pack. Technology is the enabler to transforming your servicing operation.

Clareti Loan Control, built on Gresham’s award winning Clareti platform, is the modern, streamlined, enterprise class alternative to expensive, cumbersome, legacy applications and poorly integrated bolt-on applications, spreadsheets and reporting tools.

CLC offers superior data management, rich business process support and integrated reporting functionality all designed specifically for the administration of commercial and residential performing and non-performing loans.

  • Deal complexity – specifically designed for the complex loan and deal structure for the commercial lending market, with near 100% of loan servicing business use cases
  • Cash distribution – customisable cash distribution waterfalls, account transaction flow and lender & borrower hierarchy
  • Covenant compliance – built-in and highly customisable testing of all industry standard covenant types
  • Property analysis – monitor the performance of collateralised assets on a debt facility, portfolio, property and unit/lease level
  • Clear forecasting and auditing – experience-based methodology to reliably model future performance of loans
  • Analysis and reporting – automated, on-demand and ad hoc reporting capabilities
  • Account and transaction processing – transfer funds between accounts, adjust account balances, generate payment instructions and view account balances and transactions
  • Access to the full suite of Clareti extensions  – ERP integration adapters, reconciliation and matching

Clareti Loan Control is available as a software solution in the cloud, as an on-premise implementation, or as a part of a full debt-servicing solution.

Clareti Loan Control

Clareti Loan Control

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