SWIFT ISO 20022: Your practical guide to last-minute preparation

The new ISO 20022 standard is due to go live in November 2022, but many firms are still scrambling to prepare. Outstanding questions around MT-MX converters, the new MX message format, how ISO 20022 timelines intersect with other payments transformation initiatives, and more, are all keeping banks busy right up until the go-live date.

We've put together an ISO 20022 white paper which answers all of these questions, and more, and covers topics including:

  • The latest ISO 20022 updates and timelines.
  • What major regulators are saying about migration and the implications for national and cross-border payment and settlement platforms.
  • How banks can leverage ISO 20022 and the new MX message format to increase efficiency, automate processes and improve customer outcomes.
  • The practical challenges ISO 20022 presents for banks, including MT-MX
    conversion, and how to overcome them.

Access the white paper below.

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