One service for regulatory reporting across multiple regulations and jurisdictions

Maintaining data connectivity for reporting with the relevant regulators across your entire business requires constant attention, particularly when you operate in multiple jurisdictions.

Clareti Connect regulatory services is the complete managed regulatory reporting service for all the data connectivity, migration and integration you need to support regulatory compliance and reporting wherever you operate.

Our experts take on responsibility for handling your business’s data connectivity challenges as they evolve – so your experts can focus on adding value to your business.

We have provided regulatory reporting solutions for 25 years and are able to provide fast, easy, fully managed connectivity to whichever regulatory reporting end point you require, giving you a single solution to handle multi-regime reporting quickly and efficiently, drastically reducing your costs.

What We Deliver

Full Connectivity

A comprehensive library of adaptors, standards and transformations for accelerated connection to the regulatory venues of your choice.

Custom Connections

Custom connections that can be rapidly built by our team of data-integrity and industry experts to support your unique business.

Real-time Reporting

Ingestion and normalisation of data from any source, plus mapping and transformation of message formats for submission to a regulator or reporting service in real time or T+1.

Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory reporting for MiFID II (ARM and APA), FINRA TRACE reporting for Securitised Products, US Treasuries, Corporate Bonds and Agencies, and Consolidated Audit Trail (CAT) for Equity and Option orders.


Intelligent, real-time STP that ensures your data is sent to the right destination, at the right time after the right validation checks – without manual intervention.


Regular addition of new venues and relevant third parties for built-in future proofing.


Real-time reporting and reconciliation, with data lineage between reporting activity and data source, to give you increased visibility and fewer errors.

Data Confidence

Powerful exception management and analytics, to give you the confidence that your reporting is working as it should.

Control and Oversight

Granular control for compliance and operations teams, with drill down into the minutia of reports as needed.