Regulation is growing in complexity and volume, putting pressure on legacy regulatory reporting systems and processes.

The consequences of inaccuracies are severe and with regulators holding senior managers personally responsible for a firm’s mistakes, you need data you can trust to feed your compliance and regulatory reporting.

Clareti regulatory control is a regulatory reporting, control, and connectivity solution which delivers real-time, high-quality, accurate data and helps you to comply with complex regulatory requirements quickly and efficiently across multiple jurisdictions. Regardless of data source and format, Clareti regulatory control ingests data without any external preparation or manipulation creating a harmonized, holistic data reporting model. Its library of adaptors connects you to any data source, or reporting or trading venue. If the adaptor you need is not available, our team can quickly develop a bespoke solution.

We support buy-side and sell-side firms not only to comply with emerging regulations such as FINRA CAT and SFTR, but also to reduce the costs, risks, and effort associated with existing reporting for MiFiD II, Dodd Frank, FINRA TRACE, EMIR REFIT, MAS reporting and others.

With Clareti regulatory control you can

Consume data from anywhere

Ingest, validate, and transform large volumes of data from multiple sources, regardless of type, width or complexity, volume or velocity – no re-formatting required.

Get reporting right, first time

Apply and classify data quality checks, to submit accurate, high-quality and timely data and avoid fines and reputational damage.

Comply fast

Complete trade and transaction data that is automatically reconciled and validated in real time, processing up to 500,000 records per second for quick compliance with all regulatory reporting standards.

Reconcile multiple data sets

N-way reconciliation and validation of all data attributes and easy views of under or over reporting ensure accuracy and completeness and give you front to back control over regulatory reporting.

Easily identify in-scope trades

Data enrichment and external reference data sources enable you to navigate complex reporting rules for eligibility determination.

Build controls quickly

Create and deploy new controls within days to ensure tight oversight of your data and meet complex, frequently changing regulatory requirements.

Get value from your regulatory reporting

View all data and controls in one place. Easily create interactive visualisations, dashboards and reports for greater insight and business value, taking reporting from check box exercise to strategic value add.

Save time, resources, and costs

Build faster, automate more, and minimise infrastructure consumption whilst still meeting regulatory requirements effectively.

Clareti regulatory control delivers

Simple compliance with complex rules

A global tier one bank used Clareti regulatory control to quickly and effectively comply with G20 derivatives rules when inhouse and legacy solutions proved ineffective.

Increased efficiency and cost savings

By simplifying reporting and connecting you to any trading venue or regulatory end point, Clareti regulatory control eliminates the need for banks, asset managers, hedge funds, and brokers, to spend time and resources developing their own in-house connectivity solutions.

Easy, powerful automation

A major Japanese investment bank used Clareti regulatory control to consolidate and automate trade allocations, reducing manual tasks, costs, and risks.

Fast, accurate reporting

A New York based proprietary trading firm quickly and easily complied with CAT reporting, avoiding an expensive inhouse IT project and reducing total cost of ownership by leveraging a consolidated solution.


connectors to regulatory and trading venues around the world, with more in development


the number of days taken to develop a set of highly complex controls for a customer using Clareti, versus 5 months on their legacy system


equities processed daily by Clareti Regulatory Control