In the digital era, reconciliation is no longer solely a compliance function.

Trusted data drives business, regulatory, and risk related decisions and processes across the entire enterprise.

Your data is complex and it is fragmented. It covers core and non-core assets – from cash and securities transactions to OTC derivatives and sophisticated trade orders. It comes from customer, financial, risk and compliance systems, and rarely offers a consistent view or comes in a single structure.



Your reconciliation software and teams are tasked with improving process efficiencies and reducing costs. But your legacy reconciliation systems struggle to verify ever-increasing volumes of complex, high-velocity data in real time. They are swamped with exceptions and manual processing demands, increasing the risk of errors, failures and major loss events.

Costs go up not down. Onboarding takes months, not days. Strategy gives way to firefighting.

Your data fails the integrity test.

At Gresham, we understand the importance of automated reconciliation software in the modern business and the complexities that surround this. So we designed Clareti, our data-integrity platform, to work with the complex and varied data formats, structures, and relationships faced by your reconciliation system and your entire business – all from a single solution which supports activity across the enterprise.

Case study: Bank saves £3 million

What We Deliver

Efficiency and accuracy

Streamlining all data governance, quality control, and reporting practices by providing a single platform, improving both efficiency and accuracy.

Operational efficiency

Eliminating any gaps, duplicated tasks, and manual workarounds in spreadsheets and legacy systems that have built up damaging barriers to operational efficiency.

Faster onboarding

Accelerating the onboarding process so that you can add new customers, controls, and connectivity in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

Advanced technology

Identifying patterns in data using advanced machine learning and intelligent matching capabilities, so valuable specialists work on only the most complex exceptions and other value-added activity.

Accelerated reconciliations

Matching all data sets using end to end automation to accelerate reconciliations, even when the largest and most complex data flows are involved.


faster onboarding of new controls at a leading global clearer using Clareti


reduction in daily break count for a tier one bank which switched from a legacy solution to Clareti transaction control


the number of days taken to develop a set of highly complex controls for a customer using Clareti, versus 5 months on their legacy system