“ As decision makers grapple with having 'too many regulators to manage', they must adopt new approaches and invest in tools and strategies that can help them efficiently navigate the new complexity. “

Deloitte Banking Regulatory Outlook

The challenge

The macro-economic environment, competitive forces and ever-tightening government regulations continue to put pressure on the traditional business models of the financial services industry. Escalating operational costs can be a huge inhibitor to growth and sustainability

Many firms are struggling to contain the cost associated with the management of their vastly expanding data landscape. The use of older control systems conceived prior to the financial crash is costing firms money and exposing them to risk.

Huge inherent inefficiencies and leaky data controls require more and more manual processing in order for companies to get near what’s needed to meet regulations and stay competitive.


reduced operating costs


faster implementations


improved productivity


“ The return on investment for us has been immeasurable and no-longer is our inefficiency spiralling out of control. ”

COO, London Hedge Fund

The Gresham Solution

Gresham’s Clareti platform helps firms deliver new controls 10 times faster than legacy systems.  Not only is it faster, it eliminates the wasteful manual processing necessary for legacy products due to its powerful automation and advanced user interface. 

What’s more, because it’s built for the big-data world we live in today, its infrastructure can effortlessly scale up in line with your data and system complexity - ensuring that your costs don’t too.


Customer Case Study

In 2016 one of London’s prominent hedge funds was changing location and structure and used the opportunity to overhaul their decade-old legacy solution that could no longer handle the complexity of its many positions with custodian banks.

Increasingly, controls would sit beyond the boundaries of the old system as it struggled to cope with anything that was outside of the norm.

Gresham deployed the Clareti platform because of its unique ability to handle unstructured data such as non-standard derivative transactions. The new solution has significantly impacted the cost and productivity of the operation, resulting in a 30% increase in productivity, a 35% reduction in total cost of ownership and improved speed of onboarding.

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The Clareti Platform

delivers absolute data integrity in the most complex global financial environments

Geek-out on the tech


Intel Benchmarked to process 500,000 transactions per second


AI - enhanced onboarding accelerator increases deployment speed x5


Unlimited volumes and complexity supported by a no-schema approach


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