In Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) Gresham has developed a new breed of matching and reconciliations technology.

With one of the world’s largest development groups focused exclusively on solving matching and reconciliations problems, we know we have some great technology, but we also know that the journey has just begun. We want to provide the best end user experience possible through our user interface, as we recognise that often users spend hours a day in front of such applications.

Through continuous improvements and innovation our matching technology is fast, scalable and easy to deploy. In fact we benchmarked with the Intel corporation processing 50,000 equity transactions per second – and that’s loading, matching and persisting to a database!

It’s fast!

We use in-memory data grid technology to achieve scalability, and with our Clareti Onboarding Accelerator you can be up and matching within hours of initial deployment.

Our intention is to bring the power of our matching algorithm to previously uncontrolled areas within the organisation, so that Real-time Financial Certainty® can be applied across your organisation.

CTC is industrial strength, best in class matching and reconciliation software that enables:

  • Rich user interface with real-time updates across multiple users;
  • In-memory data grid to match transactions in real-time
  • Highly configurable user interface and matching rules
  • Dynamic Blotter area providing an active workspace where the user can compile trial matches
  • Workflows can be created to seek authorisation for actions, allocate tasks or escalate problems (e.g. short pays);
  • Extensive Sort, Search and Filter capabilities to find transactions, with ability to add Notes;
  • Extensive reporting capabilities either to screen dashboards or pdf reports (e.g. audit trail)
  • CTC provides significantly more control and certainty than competitive offerings and Excel.
Clareti Transaction Control

Clareti Transaction Control

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