Enterprise Data Integrity

In a world awash with real-time streaming data, we are the first company clients turn to when they need to be in control

In a world of ever-growing regulation, faster global commerce and big data, guaranteeing enterprise data integrity while maintaining a strong eye on operational risk has become increasingly difficult, as banks and FIs struggle to maintain and update antiquated, complex data architecture.

Clareti was built as a better alternative. Launched in 2011 by a senior team with decades of experience in the reconciliation industry and a combined passion for progress, Clareti was designed as a faster, more agile, more visionary data integrity platform, that would push the boundaries of innovation, while guaranteeing robust control and accountability.

Faster to deploy than any competitor product, and with the flexibility to rapidly onboard new data, adapt to industry-specific requirements and add new controls within days, Clareti also brings a new layer of transparency to data integrity, with exceptions flagged in real-time via its intuitive user interface.

Now employed by more than 70 organisations worldwide, including a number of tier one banks, Clareti is fast gaining a reputation as the most advanced and reliable data integrity platform on the market.