Onboarding Accelerator

The deployment of new controls made simple with the Clareti Onboarding Accelerator

In today’s highly regulated post-crisis world, financial institutions desperately need the ability to deploy new controls quickly and cost effectively. For those legacy reconciliation vendors who focus on traditional Nostro and Depot reconciliations, many are still constrained by fixed and rigid data models that were designed for SWIFT messages; their ability to react quickly and to deploy new controls in an efficient manner is therefore severely constrained. Clareti Onboarding Accelerator makes it easy.

Innovative cutting-edge technology

The Clareti Onboarding Accelerator makes use of some very innovative technology so that it can reduce the time taken to import and map data feeds, intelligently suggest the appropriate matching rules, and design the User Interface in a matter of minutes rather than the weeks it would take in a legacy reconciliation system. It also provides a complete self-documenting definition of all aspects of the reconciliation, so the need to write lengthy business requirements definitions is something of the past.

Clareti Onboarding Accelerator enables:

  • Rapid deployment of new controls
  • Businesses to react quickly to changing requirements
  • Simple and rapid design of the User Interface
  • Businesses to refocus their resources elsewhere

Gresham’s CTC solution really stood out for its ability to deploy new reconciliations quickly and cost effectively. The Gresham team understood our needs from the outset and is working closely with us to help us gain maximum benefit from the roll out of CTC including enhanced governance and control.

David Worsfold, Head of Operations CMC Markets


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Clareti Transaction Control

Clareti Transaction Control

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