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Reduce risk,
staffing requirements,
and total cost of ownership

We provide flexible and scalable managed services that reduce risk and total cost of ownership of your reconciliations, data aggregation, settlements, client fee billing, messaging and payments. 

Leveraging hundreds of collective years of experience in investment operations, we partner with you as an extension of your IT and operations teams to create more agile, best-in-class processes that enable you to enhance client outcomes, drive business growth, and immediately achieve cost savings and increased efficiency.

We offer a flexible set of deployment options which enable you to optimise multiple processes, maintain complete data integrity, and achieve peak performance 24/7 throughout your entire organisation. 

With a consistent, centralised environment managed by highly skilled industry, regulatory and operational experts, you can minimise the complexity, expense and risk of managing different technologies, processes and dependencies across departments, business lines, and regions, as well as redeploy teams across other areas of your business, without losing control of your own processes or systems. 


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Find out how our Managed Services can relieve the pressure on your operations
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Managed Services that grow with you

Scaling the business is never easy.

Adding computing power and hard-to-find operations staff to absorb increasing volumes and growth is slow and expensive.

Gresham provides a fast and pain-free way to scale and optimise your operations with high-quality data, powerful cloud-based automation, and a team of experts skilled in reconciliation, post-trade operations, data aggregation, and cloud solutions.

We don’t replace your IT or operations functions, we extend your team to create a more agile, best-in-class process while you control your workflows and systems.

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Do you enjoy
performing reconciliations?
If not, consider this...

More and more firms are turning to managed reconciliation providers to service their ever-growing needs. As the complexity of reconciliations grows and transaction volumes increase, the ability to future-proof operational needs with predictable costs becomes increasingly difficult.

We uncover the key questions you need to ask any potential suitor offering such a service


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What can Managed Services do for you?

Rapid scalability

Scale up or down easily and cost effectively without adding more staff, software or infrastructure.

Lower TCO

Start saving from day one with reduced infrastructure and staffing costs.

Full control

Maintain total control of your platforms, data, processes, and compliance and audit requirements.

How managed service models are boosting firms’ ability to rapidly scale, adapt and future-proof their operations

How can financial services organisations ensure they are truly prepared to pivot, adapt and weather all types of change and disruption?

We take a deep dive into the three ways to alleviate the pressure and optimise workloads, control infrastructure costs, and reduce the risk and disruption caused by the talent crisis.

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Managed Services for Buy-Side Reconciliation

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Add value to your post-trade process with better, faster data

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