Transition Management

Of all the logistical challenges inherent to a major business transition management, ensuring data integrity and continued operations during and post-move are possibly the most critical. Whether a decoupling of divisions, a merger, acquisition or a straight decision to migrate and re-platform, the change must be smooth and risk-free.

Clareti has been implemented during major transition projects for some of the world’s largest financial institutions specifically for its robust controls and the flexibility it offers to incorporate additional checks during migration. So even when your transition management project throws up other challenges, you can be confident your transactional data will be entirely secure.

  • Highly agile architecture – allowing additional controls and checks during migration
  • Sophisticated matching algorithms across multiple data feeds – ensuring integrity and alerting to exceptions and loss events in real-time
  • A more cost-effective and risk-free alternative to manual transfer
  • Typical accounts to transition – income, expense, balance sheet, suspense, other GL