Senior Managers Regime

Remove the personal risks associated with poor data integrity

Designed to embed accountability and professional standards into the UK banking and finance industry, the Senior Managers Regime (SMR) makes institutional misconduct a personal issue.

Under the SMR, anyone participating in decision making around how their firm’s affairs are run, can be held liable for any failures that fall within their area of responsibility. Any senior manager falling short of these duties, and whose negligence is found to contribute to a breach, faces prosecution.

In essence, a ‘regulation of regulations’, confidence of compliance with all directives and guidelines is critical to reducing individual risk.

CTC can remove these concerns. Intuitive and agile, controls can be added quickly and efficiently at any time, while automated verification and validation of data removes the risk of human error or rogue internal behaviour. Data can be aggregated and reported on at any time, allowing visibility of all data flows across the business.

For senior managers whose responsibilities bring them within SMR, it’s a reason to sleep better at night.

Want to know more on how CTC can help you ensure your obligations under SMR are fully covered?

SMR Guide

SMR Guide

Remove the personal risks associated with poor data integrity

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