Regulatory Compliance

There’s no greater pressure on financial institutions than the need to evidence regulatory compliance. In an ever-changing legislative landscape trust and certainty are everything – but when technology has to flex to accommodate new regulations how can you guarantee control and data integrity?

CTC’s agile infrastructure was designed specifically to embrace change, none more so than for Regulatory Compliance.

Core regulatory initiatives are baked-in to the platform, while additional measures can be added quickly and efficiently at any time. Integrity is assured and evidence of control is easy to access at any time, withstanding the most stringent regulator scrutiny.

  • Real-time visibility and drill-down reporting – evidence of control easy to access at any time
  • Flexibility to add in additional controls – as regulation changes
  • Compliance baked-in – automated verification and validation of data removes internal admin and the risk of human error
  • Accuracy of reporting – easy to prove compliance