BCBS 239

Guarantee data integrity and mitigate internal risk

BCBS 239, which went live in January 2016, was introduced to bring greater transparency to data monitoring and reporting.

The principles of the regulation cover governance and infrastructure, risk data aggregation, risk reporting and supervision. The aim? That banks and financial institutions ensure a stronger connection between data accuracy and timeliness, with the capacity and robustness to handle everyday data requirements, as well as flag and mitigate internal risk.

Critical to compliance with BCBS 239 is the ability to evidence a robust control framework and to monitor and report on risks in real-time.

CTC is a highly agile data integrity platform. With regulatory controls built in – and the ability to incorporate new controls within days – it provides resilient data handling and reporting and can be implemented across your financial institution within a matter of weeks.

If you need help fulfilling your obligations under BCBS 239, or simply want to improve on the measures you initially implemented for the regulation to reduce your exposure to risk, get in touch.

Banking in the Dark Guide

Banking in the Dark Guide

Data control framework for the new risk era