Risk Control

Even with the most robust checks and safeguards in place, the risk of internal fraud and error is very real – as several financial institutions have found to their cost.

Risk control is compounded by fragmented operations and siloed systems handling separate data feeds and transactional flows only add to the problem, separating reconciliations from external scrutiny and making discrepancies easier to hide.

CTC has been relied on as a ‘safe pair of hands’ for a multitude of financial institutions looking for greater internal risk control – being brought in as a swift response to serious fraud events to mitigate conduct risk and satisfy the demands of auditors.

  • Real-time visibility via dashboards – ensuring financial losses and exceptions are easily identified
  • Handles multiple feeds and matches transactions in several ways – all reconciliations are consolidated into a single, proven platform
  • Automates and validates data – guaranteeing accuracy and removing human error
BCBS 239

BCBS 239

Need help fulfilling your obligations under BCBS 239?

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