Financial Control

As the number of transactions, data feeds and reporting cycles increase, so too does the need for greater financial control. But implementing new controls into legacy operational processes isn’t without difficulty.

Unlike many systems, Clareti can be implemented in days, not weeks and its agile infrastructure makes integration with existing platforms and processes easy for complete holistic financial control.


As soon as we had seen the demonstration provided by Gresham, we felt that CTC could improve our business processes

John Lucas, Associate Director of Property and Asset Management. JLL

Clareti’s sophisticated matching technology can handle multiple feeds and match in several ways, while highlighting discrepancies and exceptions at any point, in real-time. The result? A holistic perspective over your organisation to ensure joined-up control and more accurate reporting for full financial control.

  • Matching algorithms not constrained by a fixed data model – multiple feeds can be matched in multiple ways
  • Flexible, quick onboarding – the ability to transfer data and be up and running in days
  • Rapid control – as quick, if not quicker than spreadsheet-based controls
  • Automated verification and validation – guaranteeing accuracy
  • Real-time reporting of exceptions – enabling rapid handling of any anomalies
  • Dashboard reporting offering full visibility and transparency of data integrity – at any time
Clareti Accounts Receivable Management

Clareti Accounts Receivable Management

Automating matching and allocation to reduce the order-to-cash cycle
Clareti Transaction Control

Clareti Transaction Control

A new breed of technology