Controlling your cash is crucial. Regulators expect it, auditors need to prove it and operations depend on it.

You need efficient, effective, self-service controls which deliver painless, efficient cash reconciliation – with no extra costs or complications.

Clareti cash control is an out-of-the-box, self-service solution for cash reconciliation that is fast to implement and easy to operate, outperforming slow, expensive, and ineffective legacy alternatives.

Built in collaboration with the world’s most innovative banking partners, pre-defined rules and behaviours mean immediate control of your cash across all accounts and in all geographies. For the most complex organisations, the system can be customised by Gresham's industry experts – again with a focus on speed, efficiency and self-service.


With Clareti cash control you can

Onboard new controls, fast

Guided workflows for onboarding new bank accounts and ledger equivalents, and the automatic application of default, industry tested match rules allow you to create new account reconciliations in minutes.

Empower business users

Reconciliation tools that put the creation of new cash-matching rules into the hands of your reconciliation clerks, and business rules in the hand of your business users.

Reconcile quickly and simply

Super-fast processing of the very largest datasets (50,000 per second) to complete common reconciliation operations in milliseconds.

See everything you need, easily

Cash reconciliation-specific screens, including proofing, match-building, incoming and outgoing correspondence that match your workflow – not work against it.

Have data confidence

All appropriate governance models to keep and demonstrate control to all necessary stakeholders.

Clareti cash control delivers

Operational savings

Banks, hedge funds, asset managers, brokers, corporate treasurers, and payment providers are all able to reduce headcount requirements.

A fast, simple, effective alternative

To the fragile, costly, and complex legacy solutions the industry has relied on for years.

Increased efficiency

Match rates increased and headcount requirements reduced at a tier one bank using the system.


transactions processed at two largest customers in one year


the typical reduction in exception handling experienced by firms using Clareti


faster onboarding of new controls at a leading global clearer using Clareti