Graduate recruitment program – we haven’t looked back!

26.01.12 By Neil Vernon, Chief Technology Officer

In 2011 Gresham started a graduate recruitment program as part of a long-term investment in our people and strategic direction. Our initial focus has been in the UK but we expect this program to spread across our international business as we grow.

Four graduates were recruited, three into our Bristol office and one into our London office. They are now six months into their first year and I asked each of them to describe their experiences of life at Gresham.



My name is Antonina and I joined Gresham’s London team as a Graduate Delivery Consultant in July 2011 having graduated from Reading University.

I graduated last summer and like many of my peers I wanted to get a job that was not only relevant to my degree, but would also help me further develop as a Computer Scientist and present me with a great career path. While I initially considered joining a mainstream graduate scheme, I quickly realised that it was not the career path that I wanted to follow and so I applied to Gresham. I haven’t looked back since.

Amongst a large number of employers Gresham stood out because of their impressive number of international customers as well as over thirty five years of industry experience. Their varied range of existing and acclaimed products and brand new upcoming solutions convinced me that it was the right company for me to embark on my professional career.

At the start of my employment one of the main objectives was to get me familiarised with the product that Gresham is currently developing and the best way to do that was to get me to perform quality assurance on the latest development builds. This approach had two main advantages. I ended up learning in great detail how the product worked on a technical level. I also witnessed how continuous and rigorous testing (‘Agile’ / ‘Scrum’ development) , while having a slight initial overhead, leads to better results in the long run and ensures that the product conforms to high quality standards throughout its development cycle.

As I progressed, I experienced firsthand the numerous advantages of Agile software development that is being practised in the workplace. Short daily meetings provide each team member with an overview of how the development progresses and fortnightly sprints ensure that we are always able to deliver new functionalities with a substantial amount of testing performed. This meticulous approach inspires customer trust and confidence in us.



My name is Joe and I joined Gresham’s Bristol team as a Graduate Software developer in August 2011 having graduated from Plymouth University.

Before I started I was apprehensive about fitting in to the team as they have all known each other for some time, but from day one I was treated as a valued member of the group. Every one was really welcoming, friendly and helpful. There is a great team spirit here. Even on my very first day, I was given responsibilities and tasks that allowed me to contribute to the success of the project.

Over the last five months I have been working mostly on testing, which has allowed me to gain a solid understanding of the system that we are developing. Computer Science degrees tend not to put much focus on testing, but it is a very important part of the development process and I have really enjoyed learning more about it. I have been introduced to automated testing technologies such as JBehave and further developed my skills in JUnit.

I have recently moved to the User Interface team, which is the area of programming that I have always been interested in. Over the last week I have been given some training in developing Eclipse RCP applications, and I hope to learn more over the coming weeks and months.

A few months ago we had a day to look back on our achievements over the year, and had the opportunity to pitch new ideas for the future. I'm not the only graduate here; there were three of us that started at roughly the same time, so we decided to work together and pitch some of our ideas to the rest of the team. We bounced ideas off each other and came up with some good concepts, which we presented. This was a great opportunity and made me feel like my ideas were really valued.

What's great about Gresham's graduate scheme is that if you have a goal to go into a certain area of programming, they'll give the support and help you need to do it.

Applying for this job is one of the best things that I have ever done. I've learnt so much, and I'm learning more and more each day. I would certainly encourage graduates to apply for a job here at Gresham Computing.



My name is Sergey and I joined Gresham’s Bristol team as a Graduate Software developer in August 2011 having graduated from the University of Bristol.

I have only been with Gresham for five months, but I have no doubt that I made the right decision when I chose to join them. Our upcoming products will ensure that we maintain our competitive edge and further establish ourselves as innovators in our industry and I look forward to helping make it happen.

University does a great job of introducing you to various software practices such collaborative coding, unit testing, importance of communication and other various programming practises. But it is real world employment that ties all of them together and demonstrates that, when followed correctly, they can make a real difference in the quality of the finished product. The working atmosphere inspires my creativity and my attitude to my job and, as a result, I come into work every day wanting to succeed and impress.



My name is Le Canh Son, or Sam for short, I am a Vietnamese national and I joined Gresham in August 2011 after graduating from the University of Bristol.

After my graduation, I started looking for jobs. Fortunately, I am quite clear about what I like to do. Firstly, I love to create new software, which meet customer needs. Furthermore, I want to work with high performance computing. Finally, the financial sector is always one of my favourite areas to start my career. Therefore, Gresham Computing seemed to be a good match for me.

After a few months, I love the working environment at the company. People are very friendly and helpful. I learn a lot of technical skills and professional working attitudes. Moreover, I also have learned that honesty with customers is the key for our success.

At the moment, I am working as a back-end developer for Clareti Transaction Control (CTC) product in Bristol. And of course, I have enjoyed every challenge. In addition, working with many senior colleagues gives me many chances to learn new things. Furthermore, I am happy that our customers recently started using our CTC software.