Infographic: delivering the goals of strategic cost transformation

4 June 2019
Bill Blythe

Clareti stats Infographic

These are real world benefits that can be delivered through advanced data control technology – the Clareti Platform.

Gresham has been working with global financial institutions on strategic cost transformation projects, which has achieved great results enabled by the Clareti platform. 


  • Agile: Huge reduction in time for onboarding new controls from 220 man-days to 10 man-days 
  • Scalable: Clareti is able to process up to 1.5 billion transactions per hour - which is 10x the volume of nearest legacy competitors
  • Efficient:Total cost of ownership reduced by 42%, leading to $12.6 million in savings over 3 years
  • Advanced: 60% cost reduction and a 20% saving in resource by introducing automated tools, intelligent interfaces, and streamlining tech stacks

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