Gresham Graduates 2014 - The search has begun!

03.02.14 Kim Atkinson

Graduates join us each year, work alongside our experienced teams of developers, delivery consultants and technical support analysts in Bristol, London and Southampton and make a huge contribution to our company. Check out our latest vacancies at

I caught up with some of latest and greatest graduates who joined us 2013 and here's what they said…

Alex, Graduate Software Engineer, MEng Computer Science, University of Bristol
I recently joined Gresham during summer 2013, after graduating from the University of Bristol with a degree in Computer Science. This has been my first real world job related to my degree and so it was hard to imagine what it would be like. However I can safely say that I have been welcomed into a friendly working environment with people that have helped me get to grips with everything from the systems the company uses to day to day programming.

In my role as a software engineer, I have mainly been working in QA department on both exploratory and automated testing, for the well established Eclipse RCP application and the rapidly progressing web based user interface. This is an exciting area as I am learning to use technologies such as JBehave and the Selenium browser automation tools. Software testing exposes you to every corner of the application, meaning you quickly learn how everything works together for a greater understanding of the product.

Working at Gresham has been a great start to my career and I look forward to learning more in this interesting area.

Georgi, Graduate Software Engineer, University of Aberystwyth
I joined Gresham in October 2013. This has been my first Graduate level job.

Even though I had a year's worth of practical experience from my sandwich year at University, the technology I have had to use at Gresham was new to me at first. I guess that stands to show how varied the software industry is. Over the few months I've been here, I've had the necessary time and technical help from senior engineers to catch up and make a difference.

The tasks I've undertaken so far have been varied. I've worked on scripts (Groovy, Batch, Bash), I've written JUnit tests for existing functionality and am currently going through security fixes throughout CTC.

The environment in Gresham is Agile, the focus being more on getting things done and less on talking about doing them. This also means that face-to-face communication is key. If I have a question, a remark or simply want to talk to somebody, I can just walk to their desk and do it. I feel that Agile is a more natural methodology, and here at Gresham, we are living it.

So far I've had a great time here at Gresham, and have been learning a lot as I tackle new problems. Gresham has provided an environment where I can grow not only as a developer, but also as a person. I can't wait for what's next.

Ben, Graduate Support Technician, BSc Computing, University of Plymouth
I joined in August 2013 and have been able to get straight into the working environment and practices. I have been trained in supporting Clareti Transaction Control and quickly began interacting directly with customers, constantly learning and gaining valuable skills to allow me to become an integral part of the team.

Joining Gresham has given me the chance to apply the skills gained during my studies at Computing at Plymouth University in a practical environment, whilst encouraging my personal development and providing a platform to continue to learn.

I aspire to continue to develop and ensure I forge a career in this field and Gresham has provided me with the opportunities to make this a reality, despite my short tenure here: already the option to undertake an external training course has been provided that will provide me with the necessary skills to progress within the company.
We are looking for graduates to join us as we grow and are currently shortlisting and interviewing for our Summer 2014 intake so move quickly – please send me your CV and a cover letter to: