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Automated reconciliation software and tools reduce costs, increase efficiency, and minimise operational risk. As firms face growing data complexity, increasing regulatory expectations, and a demanding digital environment, automation of reconciliations and controls is the only practical, scalable solution.

Gresham's Clareti Control solution, which provides financial institutions with a single source for end-to-end automation, validation and reconciliation of their data, controls and reporting, is deployed by firms across the globe for cash reconciliation automation, automated bank reconciliation, and more.

Case Study - Clearing-1


Watch the video to discover how a global financial institution leveraged automated reconciliation tools to optimise its operational efficiency.

Discover the power of automated reconciliation with Clareti Control

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Automated reconciliation with Clareti Control gives you

Accelerated Automation of Data and Process Controls

Matching all data sets using end to end, accelerated automation of reconciliations, even when the largest and most complex data flows are involved.

Advanced Technology

Identifying patterns in data using advanced machine learning and intelligent matching capabilities, so valuable specialists work on only the most complex exceptions and other value-added activity.

Operational efficiency

Eliminating any gaps, duplicated tasks, and manual workarounds in spreadsheets and legacy systems that have built up damaging barriers to operational efficiency.

Faster Onboarding

Accelerating the onboarding process so that you can add new customers, controls, and connectivity in a matter of days rather than weeks or months.

Flexible, Reliable Deployment

The deployment option which works best for you. Clareti Control solutions managed service is also available as an on-premise solution. Our experts will work with you to identify the best option for your business.

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